The Wait Is On

Just finished Fairy Tail (150 episodes, excluding filler, in 7 days =]). The Grand Magic Games Arc ties or maybe even surpasses Edolas as my favourite arc. The sheer about of frustration you feel in the beginning when everybody, particularly the Twin Dragons, is belittling Fairy Tail makes the public show of badassery later on all the more rewarding.

Plus, there’s quite a lot explicit romance in this arc, which is like gold dust in shounen. Fairy Tail treats romantic relationships in a very different way to any shounen I’ve ever watched. Especially compared to One Piece, which avoids even mentioning any and all serious romance if at all possible (Roger and Rouge, for instance, only happened because Ace needed parents)


  • Jellal/Erza beach scene (oh the angst!)
  • Mavis.
  • Natsu breaking into Sabertooth
  • Erza being just too awesome for Pandemonium
  • Nichiya reveal
  • Twin Dragon destruction.

I can’t wait for April!, although its going to be annoying to be unable to watch 20+ episodes in a day…


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