Watching Naruto…ugh Sakura

I’m watching Naruto for the first time, although, I’ve been into fanfic and anime in general long enough that I already know the entire plot.

It reaaallly annoys me how female ninja in Naruto are treated as second class. For starters, the physical disparity between men and women in real life shouldn’t be as much of an issue in Naruto, seeing as chakra is at least partially derived from mental strength. This, combined with the fact that women tend to have better chakra control, means that men and women ought to be about equal in terms of ninjutsu and genjutsu.

Yet, whenever men have to fight women in the series, their thoughts are normally along the lines of ‘I’m not going to go easy on you, even though you’re a woman’ or ‘It would be humiliating to lose to a woman’. Implicitly, women in Naruto are assumed to be significantly weaker than men. When your job description involves fighting, that’s pretty damn insulting.

Sakura, and to a lesser extent Tsunade, also irritate me. It’s probably unnecessary to explain why Sakura annoys me, as I believe general consensus in the fandom is that she utterly crap pre-timeskip

Tsunade slightly annoys me because she’s a medic. As Silver Queen says, medics are the ninja equivalent of housewives.

Side note, Tenten is my favourite character, at least out of Rookie 9.


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