Sexy Neji, Sexist Shikamaru and Scary Spiders

Sexy Neji, Sexist Shikamary and Scary SpidersCurrently on episode 116; I have a serious phobia of giant bugs, so half the fight with Kidomaru was profoundly disturbing. On the plus side, Neji looks even more attractive slightly beat up.

Seriously though, I’m not sure how I feel about this Arc. At first I found it a bit odd that there wasn’t a single female on the team, then I remembered that A. Shikamaru is a misogynist and B. the female genin in Naruto are all relatively weak at this point, with the possible exception of Tenten, so it isn’t really surprising and annoying in and of itself.

I really wish my feminist side would shut up, but I honestly can’t turn it off…

Overall impression of this arc so far is lukewarm. Although I’m looking forward to more Kiba and Naruto bits.


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