Kazekage Rescue Arc: Thoughts

Kazekage Rescue Arc-Thoughts

  • Never has my opinion of a character been reversed so drastically; Sakura goes from painfully annoying to a chakra-reinforced kick-arse
  • If I were Sasori, I would’ve turned down Chiyo’s offer of a puppetry lesson. Those things are creeepy
  • Deidara’s ‘katsu’, the sound he makes before blowing shit up, is really awesome. Akatsuki membership and pyromania aside, Deidara actually seems like a pretty decent guy…He’s surprisingly normal for a Naruto villain, both in his personality and appearance.
  • I didn’t really like the whole Team Guy vs. Team Guy fight. I found it inexplicably boring.
  • Tenten’s voice is seriously irritating…why did they have to make one of my favourite characters sound like a 5 year old girl!?!
  • Gaara’s presence seems really calming. Plus, the vast amount of control Gaara has over his surroundings in the desert is awe-inspiring.

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