Finished Naruto

Naruto Finished

I’d meant to post things on a arc by arc basis but I just got too lazy.

Overall, Naruto isn’t my favourite shounen anime series, thats probably FMA: Brotherhood or One Piece. But still, I really did enjoy it, especially the Kage Summit Arc because anything involving politics or international relations gets +1000 points in my book

Comments in vaguely canonical order;

  • I adore Sai, I literally spent an entire week thinking to myself how I might explain complex social situations to him.
  • I just don’t find Sakura ‘loving’ Sasuke realistic. Nothing about Sasuke’s interactions with Sakura seemed particularly deep or love-inspiring to me, he was hot and mysterious…that’s it. I don’t understand why, years later, Sakura (and everyone else for that matter) wouldn’t view her crush on Sasuke as just that, a crush.
  • Sasuke is an insane idiot. It annoyed the hell out of me when, after discovering the truth about Itachi, Naruto felt that Sasuke was in anyway justified for wanting to massacre Konoha civilians. Sasuke’s logic that anyone who benefitted in anyway from the Uchiha Massacre and Itachi’s sacrifice deserves to die, even if they had no idea about what happened, is ludicrous.
  • From the way the Uchiha are glorified, you’d forget any of them were just regular civilians…seriously there are times when Sasuke seemingly forgets that he and Itachi are the two strongest Uchiha’s for generations, not counting Shisui and, unknown to him, Obito.
  • The Invasion of Pain Arc was thoroughly depressing (and awesome) but at the same time, the resiliance of characters in the face of the destruction of their home was touching.
  • I really liked the Kage Summit Arc, I’ll say it again. The new characters introduced were awesome (Kurotsuchi is now my favourite female character…sorry Tenten) and the political side of it was fascinating.
  • As a general rule, I like dead characters staying dead. Death is the end; it’s absoluteness is what makes grief so painful and danger so exhilarating. One of my few criticisms of Dragonball is the fact that dead characters, including the entire population of earth, were repeatedly brought back to life. The Edo Tensei technique was a relatively good way of bringing characters back to life, as it was temporary, but still it annoyed me slightly. I also understand why Kishimoto would use it as a plot device; it was a way of swiftly adding character to all those introduced in the previous Arc, as well as building on pre-existing characters. Almost every main character met somebody close to them; Sasuke met Itachi, Team 10 met Asuma, Gaara met his father…It felt like every episode had some kind of tearful/poignant reunion.
  • Overall, I’m not really enjoying the Fourth Shinobi War. While some parts are really good, it all feels too contrived. Plus, TOO MANY FLASHBACKS. I understand that Naruto aired weekly so it makes sense to refresh the audiences memory, but at least 20% of the episodes were filled with previously-seen stuff.
  • It’s interesting to compare the Fourth Shinobi War in Naruto to the Whitebeard War in One Piece. Both involve most of the strongest characters in each universe but I feel that the Whitebeard War adds depth to it’s universe in a way that the Fourth Shinobi War doesn’t. In the Fourth Shinobi War, apparently infamous shinobi are dropped into the storyline from nowhere then speedily given the necessary backstory and hype. Compare this with One Piece, where the war was anticipated and many of big players were already known before the war and power of Whitebeard, his crew and New World pirate in general was already well-established. It also helps that the Luffy in the Whitebeard War is somewhat out-of-his-depth, it makes the gravity of the war all the more apparent.

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