One Piece – In Manga Form

My obsession with One Piece and urge to procrastinate has allowed me to breach my great aversion to Shounen manga!

I managed to finish the whole thing in 2 weeks. My main comment is probably how much I love the side-story’s, many of which were never animated. I’m also REALLY liking Dressrosa, its as if with every chapter the Strawhats develop another goal…The whole chaotic nature of the arc kinda appeals to me. I also like Doflamingo as a villain and the amount of world-building.

While I am enjoying the manga I do have to say its more difficult to follow. If it weren’t for the fact I’ve already watched the anime I’d be confused sometimes. Little things like running-gags seem as if they’d be easier to miss.

The romanisations that I’m reading are also all over the place. Fishmen, for example, are referred to as ‘Mermaids’ in the Arlong Arc and Shipwrights are being called ‘Ship Repairmen’ which sounds significantly less impressive to me. They also spelt Luffy’s name at least 4 different ways (Rufi, Ruffy, Luefy and, finally, Luffy).


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