Tokyo Ghoul Anime

Just watched the to the end of the Tokyo Ghoul anime. First thoughts are that the premise is awesome.

Ghouls are one of the most disturbing supernatural/fantasy races I’ve seen in anime. On principal, they share many similarities to vampires, but they are much more horrifying in practice. For starters, they more conventionally cannibalistic, which makes for more disturbing visuals. There’s also that fact that, whilst losing a bit of blood is harmless, losing a hunk of flesh is at the very least disfiguring. The creepy eyes, masks and kagunes just add to the effect, as does the vague sexual undertones in many of the scenes.

The art style was also amazing; the characters were expressive, it was intricately detailed  and there was relatively little fan service. The characters in the series were very diverse and multi-dimensional, which was refreshing. Very few sit comfortably on either end of the morality spectrum.

Yakumo is utterly sadistic, brutally torturing Kaneki for no real reason, yet ultimately, he is just doing what was done to him.

Nishio is initially remorseless about his lifestyle, yet is deeply in love with a human.

Touka is, at first, a perfect model of a tsundare female supporting character, yet she sets out to kill the CSG members in cold blood. She is also interesting for the parallels between her and Amon. Both of them are dee


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