Going to Update!

Okay, so, nobody probably cares and posting this is more of a prod at myself than anything. But, I’m going to try to update this thing. Things to do include;

  • Posting more of my plot bunnies (but this point it’s fair to say I’ve got a pest problem – why can’t I get plot bunnies for oneshots? Then at least I could say I’ve completed something…)
  • Posting more of my fanfic recs for more fandoms
    • I’ve got over 1,500 bookmarks on pinboard. Of those maybe 10% are something I’d actively recommend, plus there are additional things I’ve favourited/bookmarked on AO3 and Fanfic.net. And seeing as I haven’t read most of them in years. I’ll have to give them a re-read. Dear god that’s a lot of fandom-stuff.
  • Potentially more rants, although I’ve decided I’m going to try and keep this blog fandom-focused, as opposed to getting sidetracked onto political rants…etc.
    • A partial exception to this might be a Youtube channel recs page. Almost all of the channels I follow at education e.g. Scishow. Some were quite tricky to find and others I feel the need to write up my opinions of.
  • I have to this idea to do a general pairing page, partly for my own use. I don’t know about you, reader, but I often find commonalities between the many many pairings I at least somewhat ship. A cross-fandom comparative look might be illuminating.

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