Plot Bunny Master List

Occasionally I write stuff, I just get a plot bunny that has to be written about. I’m putting them up because I can’t see the harm and who knows? Maybe somebody will like one my ideas and actually write the fic. That said, I’m not a great author at the best of times and these were written on the spur of the moment as first drafts. I apologise if your eyes bleed.

For some reason I’m only ever inspired to write OC fics, I’m sure that says something freudian about my psyche but *shrug* it is what it is.

I have the fics filed under their respective fandom pages but I figured I might as well do a master list here.

Plot Bunny Master List

Anime & Manga
One Piece

  • The Woman Who Ran Away (Law/OC)
  • The People You Meet (Marco/OC)
  • To Sow A Garden Green
  • Wings (Marco/OC) – I haven’t uploaded Wings yet because it’s massive and in loads of different files around my computer, needless to say it’s more of a plot capybara than a plot bunny


  • Maize Country (Itachi/OC)
  • Mind (Itachi/OC)
  • The Naivety of Science (Itachi/OC)
  • Who’re You? (Madara/OC)

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

  • Diversity Points (Levi/OC)
  • Bora (Levi/OC)
  • Nora Argmann (Levi/OC)
  • In Hindsight (Levi/OC)
  • Haemorrhage (Levi/OC)
  • Where is this (Levi/OC – Bora rewrite)


  • The Cold Couple (Sesshomaru/OC)

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • First Words Of An Arsehole (Joffery OC)
  • Highgarden – Not entirely sure what I was thinking with this one it’s a Mansfield Park rewrite into the past of the universe of ASoIaF, I think I’d planned it to be a Targaryen/OC fic but I never got that far.
  • A Thimble Full of Whimsy (Robb/OC)
  • A Thimble Full of Whimsy – Excerpts (Robb/OC)

Harry Potter

  • In Trust (Sirius/OC)
  • On Deaf Ears (Sirius/OC, Regulus/OC)
  • Pretty Much Asexual (Sirius/OC)
  • Seeing Without Feeling (Sirius/OC)
  • Squib (Sirius/OC)
  • Avoidance (Sirius/OC)
  • Elena Crowley (Sirius/OC)

The Borgias

  • Mutually Benefical (Cesare/OC)

Vampire Diaries

  • Hotel Rooms (Elijah/OC)

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