Diversity Points – Levi/OC

The Military, she remarked to herself, is bizarre. Not only do they siphon off the most talented to the most useless positions but they also make the toughest choice of a soldier’s carrier, even harder. Frankly, she should just quit in process in protest, why not have the sorting in the daytime, with strings instruments playing in the background? It was cruelty, pure unbridled cruelty.

Oh well, never mind, the Garrison guy’s speech just ended, why does that guy even need a speech? His branch is the default!

She clapped vigorously as Commander Erwin Smith, of Survey Corps comes out. In fact, she clapped a bit too long, and the wolf-whistle was somewhat uncalled for, they probably think she fancies the guy now, oh well.

Nice speech, downright snazzy; humanity on the brink without Wall Maria, Survey Corps a sign of hope, grandchildren…yadadada. Seriously, this guy should win a medal for speeches and strategy and hair colour and eyebrows and an all-round exceptional physic. ‘I, Nora Algann, give thee Ervin Smith a medal in…drumroll…drumroll…drumroll…all of the above, except for dancing that man is not a dancer’

Okay awesome the speech is over, now this is crunch time. Bye bye, ‘Top 10’ with their snotty table and stupidly easy career path I will always have moral superiority of over you, I’m the girl that was 8th and said no to the Coward Brigade. Of course I do still feel a bit bad about number 11, apparently he had this really dramatic story about why he had to be in the Military Police, in hindsight I should have flunked those tests a bit, oh well, I’ll be a better person next time.

So casual-glance-around-remaining-trainees time, only 5 left and I’m the only girl. Diversity Points to me, Rema is going to be so angry when she finds out I’m in the lead. Diversity Points is less dull than it sounds, honestly. You essentially get points for the most unusual you are in a particular group. They end result is that we’ve each ended up doing some bizarre shit over the years, Remi even spend a summer shovelling crap in the Royal Menagerie, although she insists it was ‘to get closer to the animals’. That’s basically how I ended up joining Military Cadet club in school, I was the only female and a socio-economic sore-thumb. You may think the rules for quantifying this game would be complicated, and they are, so I leave the maths shit to Molly.


I paused, casually looked to the left then the right, to make sure it was me he wanted, and then swivelled by little socks off.

“Yes Sir Corporal Levi”

Correct form of address…check, feet shoulder width apart…check, left elbow bent at 90o Angle…check and last but not least the clenched fist of the heart…check, watch and gawk at my precise presentation!

“You were about to enter the Men’s Barracks, Recruit” Duh, crap, this is one of those situations were the only way of an embarrassing situation would be to invoke a cheesy romance cliché about being a boy but that would be stupid, so I got with Plan B “My mistake Sir, would you mind directing me to the Women’s Barracks?”

He waved his hand vaguely towards the left…that’s kind helpful I suppose. “Thank you very much Sir” So that was Corporal Levy, I’d honesty expected more doom, gloom and preaching about toughness

“Recruit” I paused mid-step and angled to face him once more, he strode up to me, peering down his nose. Bring it on mate I’m posh, authority figures looking pretentiously at me is my way of life. “I have two questions; firstly, how did you know who I was”

“I’ve seen you riding in and you of gates, Sir”

His eyes narrowed, “My face may be famous but by voice is not, how did you name me without seeing my face?”

“Process of elimination, Sir, one must carry the rank of at least Squad Leader to order and unwarranted halt; which leaves only you, Commander Smith and Squad Leaders Zakarius and Zoe. Hanji Zoe is female and a already know the sound of Commander Smith’s voice, which left you or Squad Leader Zakarius. Zakarius is a relatively large man with a heavier set build, your voice would sound odd coming from him”

He glared at me, or maybe that’s just his face, for a long moment “Interesting, by second question is why you were so pleased with yourself after surveying the recruits before?”

Dammit, how can he read me so easily…?  My face is supposed to be like a lost language ‘intriguing to look at yet impossible to read’, or well that was what Mum drivelled on about. “It is silly, beneath your interest, Sir”

“I’ll be the judge of that Recruit”

She sighed, “I was pleased to be the only female, Sir. I play a mental game that involves striving to be unusual”

“That is foolish, cease or at least get better at hiding you emotions”

“What is your name Recruit?”

“Nora Algann, Sir”


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