In Trust – Sirius/OC

Amelia MacFusty


  • Sirius’ Year
  • Ravenclaw
  • Family
    • Pureblood
    • Daughter of Hebridian dragon keeper family
    • Younger Brother – In Gryffindor quiditch team
  • Appearance
    • Green Eyes – Slightly manic looking
    • Long Dark Brown wavy hair
    • Freckles
    • Average height, bust
  • Personality
    • Grudges
    • Loves wildlife
    • Drawing
    • Oblivious to romance
    • Antisocial
    • Covers insecurity with comedy/facts
    • Dyslexia
  • Academics
    • Terrible at magic –  Has to study hard with charms and defence against the dark arts
    • Good with Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology
  • Hobbies
    • Bird watching


Version 1: Letters of the alphabet bet

  • In fifth year Sirius agrees to a bet with the other Marauders that he can’t date/snog a girl with a second name of each letter in the alphabet.
    • Amelia MacFusty is the only M
  • Soon many boys have heard of the bet and it becomes a secret game across the school with some people betting for and some against
  • By the start of seventh year Sirius has already dated/snogged every letter apart from R, O and M
  • Sirius’ dating life has become very popular as a betting pastime

Version 2: Rejection spurring competitiveness bet

Early 5th Year: Amelia and Sirius get paired up in Transfiguration. The assignment is to write a guide to the different skills required for a Vanishing Spell

  • S expects A to do all the work;
  • A politely tells S she’ll do her share but doesn’t really care if she fails
  • A then asks if there is anything in particular S wants to do
  • S is distracted; no reply
  • A decides S can do wand movement and the effect of concentration whilst she does pronunciation and all the other small details
  • A half-arsedly gets her quill to start copying notes while she scans the textbook
  • S looks to see what A’s doing
  • A tells him it’s because she has trouble with handwriting and spelling
  • S assumes A’s cheating
  • A tells him to think whatever he wants
  • End of lesson
  • A week later S forgets to do his share and they get a bad grade but McGonagall realises it was S who didn’t do anything
  • After this S thinks A is sneaky, which he thinks is admirable, but A doesn’t make much of an impression
  • A thinks S is an annoying arse doesn’t care much about people around him but soon forgets about him

Late 5th Year: Sirius winks at Amelia once

  • She doesn’t get it but gives him a confused smile, but soon forgets about it afterward
  • He just did it on impulse but likes her expression anyway, he assumes she likes him and thinks about asking her out at some point

Mid 6th Year: Sirius asks Amelia out

  • He bumps into her while she’s building a tower out of her books
  • She is a little embarrassed and explains she’s been locked out of her common room and was waiting for a Ravenclaw to walk past
    • The tower was jinxed as part of a Gryffindor prank; it only asks questions in Hungarian
    • Sirius looks a bit sheepish…it was The Marauders
  • He starts flirting and eventually asks her out
  • She doesn’t realise he was flirting until he does
  • She says no, knowing he is a doesn’t care much about girls and remembering him being an arsehole in 5th Year
    • She is too unfamiliar with flirting to be affected by Sirius’ charm and too isolated from gossip to idolise him. She just thinks he’s an attractive but slightly irritating Gryffindor
  • Sirius’ is a bit shocked; no girl has ever turned him down without a good reason e.g. Went out with a friends or accidentally jinxed someone
  • She says thanks anyway
  • He tells the Marauders who snigger but largely forgets about it

2 Months Later: Gryffindor boys bet that Sirius can’t get Amelia to snog him

  • Sirius jokingly boasts about his supposed playboy status and says he is unrejectable (without a prior reason)
    • Sirius doesn’t actually go out with that many girls and has never had a proper relationship; everyone just assumes he’s a playboy
  • Remus mentions Amelia
  • Barnaby Maston goads Sirius about it
  • Borvin Dassly says that it’s okay Amelia said no to him too awhile ago
  • This makes Sirius competitive and he teases Borvin, while claiming he didn’t try very hard to ask Amelia out anyway
  • Borvin bets him favourite broomstick that Sirius could never get Amelia snog him, Barnaby backs him up
    • Sirius doesn’t get loads of new broomsticks; his parents hate him
    • Terms of the bet are that she must snog him or clearly willingly be snogged in a public place in front of many witnesses
  • James bets Barnaby a charms essay that he could
  • It escalates until half the boys in Gryffindor have placed bets
  • At this point Sirius is still smarting about being rejected but has largely gotten over it, he is more bemused that Amelia turned him down with a sincere smile and a ‘thanks but no thanks’
    • Most rejections are either excuses or rudeness in Lily’s case

Following Day/Days: Amelia is a bit confused why loads of Gryffindor boys suddenly notice her in the halls but ignores it
Next Charms Lesson: Sirius subtly makes himself sat next to Amelia

  • She greets him cordially and Sirius assumes she really doesn’t dislike him
  • Sirius turns on the charm and Amelia thinks he’s being friendly
  • Sirius is a bit confused about why she looks unaffected by his innuendos (unaware she doesn’t entirely get them) but is amused by the conversation nonetheless
  • They do a practical together and Sirius is careful to look like he is really bad at potions
  • Sirius laments that he is terrible at potions
  • She doesn’t offer to help him, he is frustrated
    • This trick has worked on other girls who already fancied him
  • He outright asks her to tutor him
  • Amelia says she wouldn’t mind but wonders why Remus doesn’t help him
  • Sirius says that Remus finds helping him annoying because he just messes around, he gives rakish smile
    • Partially true; he is also too clever for it and it annoys Remus that he doesn’t try
  • Amelia and Sirius joke around for the rest of the lesson
  • Amelia thinks Sirius guy and fun to talk to but nothing romantic
  • Sirius thinks Amelia is fun, if a little odd, and that there are worse girls he could be obligated to snog

Next Wednesday after School: Sirius and Amelia first tutoring session

  • At first Sirius tries all the tricks but soon gets distracted when Amelia tells him about her family being Dragon Keepers
    • It comes up when he asks her why she is so knowledgeable about obleviation and concealment charms
  • Sirius thinks this is really cool and they get to talking about it; he understands more that she feels a bit out of place in a place as civilised and academic and Hogwarts and therefore why she is so weird,
    • He is shocked that she never spoke to a boy she wasn’t related to before Hogwarts she did have a
    • She tells him a story about hatchling whose mother died of yawling sickness; a condition which means a week of constant yawls and roars. It was a bad breeding year so the hatchling was hand-reared. She named it Alba
  • Amelia asks Sirius about Diagon Alley and London in general; she’s never been
    • Textbooks, equipment, etc. she got from her elder sister who was two years above. The MacFusty’s aren’t poor but don’t like to waste stuff
    • This is really odd, very few British people muggle & wizarding alike have never been to London but it’s weirder for wizards considering apparation
    • They eventually get back to tutoring
    • Sirius develops a small crush on Amelia due to her quirky outlook on life
    • Amelia thinks that, although she has reservations about being proper friends, Sirius is somebody she enjoys being around (non-romantic)

Next Week: Sirius is pressured by other Gryffindor boys into being more persistent, Amelia gets a bit suspicious
Next Saturday: Gregory Morvo is injured and Sirius finds out Amelia’s younger brother is replacing him
Sunday Afterwards: Sirius confesses to the other Marauders that he likes her far more than he planned to and that he wants to date her properly but is nervous about it
Next Monday: Amelia finds out about the bet by overhearing a bunch of boys

  • She is hurt that all Sirius’ friendship was a lie
  • She decides to just kiss him in the Great Hall and get it over with so she’ll not have to deal with him again
  • She thinks that Sirius is one good liar and is annoyed at herself for being so gullible

Next Morning at Breakfest: She stops him as he leaves the Breakfest Hall and kisses him

  • Sirius is really confused but assumes that it’s just her weird way of telling him she likes him, he is really happy
  • Remus is worried because he catches how hurt she looked

All that Week: She avoids him hoping he’ll just leave her alone now he got what he wanted

  • Sirius is confused about why she was avoiding him. She misses the tutoring session and switches partners for Charms

Next Friday: Sirius uses the Marauders Map to find her

  • He confronts her about why he has been avoiding him
  • She tells him about what she heard and explains that she doesn’t hate him; she just never wants to talk to him again
  • Sirius tries to explain that he really likes her but she doesn’t get it (thinking he just means friends)
  • She explains that she never really wanted friends in Hogwarts and he was the perfect example of why; you never knew what people were really thinking
  • Sirius is at a loss, he knows that she holds grudges

The Next Few Weeks: Sirius tries and fails to talk to her but soon realises she just gets more angry at him if he’s persistent
A Weekend: The Marauders try to comfort him and he decides to just try and forget about her; she’s a lost cause
That Week: Sirius flirts with loads of girls and snogs one in the Great Hall

  • He notices Amelia watching (like lots of people) but notices she looks cold and, for the first time, that she sits apart from the rest of the Ravenclaws
  • Amelia is a little bit jealous but it mainly serves to reinforce her idea that Sirius just uses people and that she is better of by herself

Over the Summer: Sirius stays with the Potters

  • He mostly blocks out Amelia as a unpleasant experience (like he does with him family) but whenever he hears about dragons or anything else Amelia-related he gets sad
  • Amelia goes to her first skinning, a right of passage to the MacFustys.
  • Amelia reassures herself that after Seventh Year she wants to work in the family business and decides that she might as well enjoy Hogwarts whilst she’s in it
  • The MacFustys make a living off selling goods from dragons that die of natural causes, it’s all carefully regulated but legal

Early 7th Year: Amelia and Sirius get put together as Transfiguration partners again

  • McGonagall was remembered the assignment in 5th Year and was curious to see how each person had changed
  • Sirius became an Animagus, which counts as Transfiguration, so presumably has is very skilled and at least slightly interested in the subject. I guessing he would take it for his N.E.W.Ts
  • It’s a bit awkward at first Amelia decides to be nice to Sirius
  • Sirius thinks she has completely forgiven him
  • They become semi-friends again, she meets the other Marauders for the first time

Next Few Weeks: Amelia steadily grows more sociable with both Gryffindors and her Ravenclaw dorm mates

  • Thinks that maybe he should ask her out again and asks the other Marauders for advice
  • James is all for it
  • He’s clearly a ‘love conquers all kind of guy’ although none of the Marauders say the L word
  • Remus tells him not to, saying Amelia clearly hasn’t forgotten, she won’t trust him with anything
  • Sirius thinks about it and realises it’s true but it hurts because he likes her even more now than he used to
  • Amelia gets to know a fellow Ravenclaw Basil Dimly, after he asks about a bird watching book she was reading in the Ravenclaw common room

A Monday: Basil asks her to Hogsmeade, she says yes

  • Sirius finds out about it in the common room and starts becoming all moody
  • He wonders if she is as open with Basil as she used to be with him
  • Amelia feels oddly guilty, as if she’s betraying Sirius but rationalises they were never together anyway

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