Maize Country (idea) – Itachi/OC


  • Uses chakra based technology, is relatively developed as a result
  • Not a shinobi nation


  • Technology either powered by;
    • Personal chakra of the user
    • Fujinjutsu-style harnessing of energy gathered in photosynthesis


  • Includes basic communications networks
  • Most people trained to use chakra strings in a basic form of telekinesis


  • All science and technology chakra based
  • Doctors utilise chakra healing
  • Medicine roughly equal to that of Kohoha, Maize country has more knowledge of chronic and infectious disease while Konoha is better at trauma, poisoning and veterinary care


  • Very small amount of labour force employed in physical labour, chakra control means a single man can built a house
  • Most people specialise in something and education is pursued very highly

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