Mind – Itachi/OC

“Itachi…Itachi please wake up” Aino frantically prodded at the sleeping mass inside their head while Itachi’s face contorted in uncharacteristic frustration

Truly, it was exhilarating to move again. To have limbs stretch and coil on command, to see what she wanted to see not just what Itachi’s cold gaze swept over. But…she felt smarmy and oddly guilty at possessing his body as she did. One of the only things a person would always own was their body and controlling Itachi was like violating that.

A groggy groan echoed in her head but Itachi was quick to find his bearings “What has happened Aino? Why can’t I move?” 

“That nin from before cast a sleep genjutsu, I think it knocked you out while I avoided it. The nin was planning something Itachi…something bad, I managed to seize control of your body to get us away…I hoped you’d take control again after waking up” Her voice trailed off, worried as she waited for Itachi’s reply, he felt alarmed but pensive not too unlike he was in battle.

She winced, feeling pressure build at the back of her mind

“I can’t, it’s as if your mind is too large to get past” She could feel his alarm, it wasn’t much but this was as close Itachi got to hysterics, control was everything for him and this was the complete lack of it.

“I know, I know, don’t worry. We’ll sort this out. On the count of three I’ll try and retreat back into my head while you give it another push, okay?” Normally, the Uchiha would of nodded to show his assent as this point, in lieu of that Aino relayed on his feels to tell if he agreed.

“One…Two…Three!” She pulled into herself while he tried to surge past. It was like in a crowded place when two people tried to get past each other, only worse, at they pushed and pulled see felt the pressure inside their head build to excruciating proportions, it was as if their head was caught in an industrial strength clamp. The pain came to an abrupt end through, and she felt the connection with Itachi’s muscles leave her.

“Is everything alright Itachi?” His vision flicked as he blinked cautiously

“Yes, I feel as normal, are you changed at all?”

“I’m fine, that was terrifying. I don’t care what the threat is I’m never doing that again”

She sensed an odd emotion coursing through him, curiosity, maybe? Caution? “What’s wrong Itachi?”

“Nothing as such, I would have expected you to feel happier in control of a body again” His mental voice was detached as he said this, like a scientist testing his hypothesis

She sighed, “I want nothing more than to control a body…but possessing another being just feels wrong, insidious somehow. While I’ve grown used to my situation, its not something I would wish on anyone” She trailed off leaving ‘least of all you’ unsaid. She wasn’t sure if she liked Itachi as a person, but she still felt a great deal of empathy for him, it was hard not to.


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