The Naivety of Science – Itachi/OC

Version 1

There is a walk, it’s got a certain…swagger, a certain bounce, it’s a walk solely reserved for those few human beings that for some reason or another think they are better than their fellow primate. There is a name for these people and every single civilian of every single hidden village knows it: Shinobi.

To clarify, she was not in any way jealous; the very thought of razor-sharp kunai and doing gods-know-what by just waving your hands, filled her with terror. Yes, the life of a shinobi was thoroughly terrifying and thoroughly not for her…except for the animals they sometimes had, she’d heard of shinobi who could make giant toads appear out of thin air and that was just cool…Who wouldn’t want a 1-tonne amphibian?

The Shinobi-Hater or Nagisa Taro to her frien- err colleagues, was currently boring a hole into the back of the rather pugnacious genin that had barged into her apartment at a stupidly late hour demanding she see the Mizukage. At first, she ignored his knocking and focused on her bafflingly detailed book on the reproductive systems of fresh water fish; her equivalent of a night out on the town. The annoying brat eventually decided that he was too good a ninja to be stopped by a lowly door and proceeded to fly at it so fast it came clean off its hinges.

Nagisa really hated Shinobi.

In the end, she decided that the fastest way to get back to her juicy aquatic courtship rituals was to hear the genin out and then tell him to go away. She really hadn’t expected the Mizukage to want to see her, after all the closest most civilians ever came to the village head was seeing her chin underneath the hat from 20 metres away in the middle of a crowd; hardly a close enough relationship to warrant house-calls.

After impatiently looking at ‘The Genin’ (or Hoshi to more amenable sources) for what seemed like half the night the pair finally arrived at the foot of the massive squat cylinder that was the Mizukage’s Office. The building towered over every other building in Kirigakure, this provided comfort for some but just made Nagisa feel claustrophobic.

“We’re here Tore-san” Informed ‘The Genin’ as if she wasn’t already all too aware of that fact.

“Thanks” She said distractedly

“The guy inside will take you to the Mizukage”

“Okay” She said, still momentarily distracted before coming to her senses “Wait what gu-“ Nagisa sighed in defeat for the boy was already gone.

Version 2

It’s truly amazing how much damage microscopic semi-living particles could cause.

Wearing a surgical mask for hours on end was annoying at the best of times, at the worst of times; when the air was a suffocating blanket of humidity and you hadn’t slept in days, it was a practically a torture device. Despite this, Nagisa shivered at the idea of removing the protective mask. The streets, the people, the buildings and even the animals were filthy and polluted; the stench of the rot being enough to make grown men wretch.

These conditions were expected, Nagisa supposed, when you isolated disease-ridden population and offered no sanitation or care. The doctor might have wondered if the benefits of quarantining were worth the suffering they wrought but she hardly had the time or energy to ponder over philosophical questions.

Normally, Shinoyama was a quant village of a couple thousand that sat nestled between a snow-capped mountain and the largest river in the Land of Earth. The village preferred self-sufficiency and peace over the harsh ways of Iwagakure, its imposing neighbour. Nagisa found the varied, extreme geography of the area both alien and breath-taking; had she been in Shinoyama for a less grave reason, she would of sight-seen until her feet ached.

The area had been quarantined for over a month and the rate of new cases had peaked a few weeks ago. Now it was simply a matter of waiting for the last few infected to pass away and the epidemic would be over. Epidemics hit hard and fast but lacked stamina when contained; they killed until every potential host was dead. Nonetheless, all those vaccinated or with natural immunity would live on and Nagisa was positive the village would recover.

Suddenly, there was slap of feet landing and the doctor couldn’t help but jump a good foot in the air.

“Sages ghost, don’t do that!” She admonished the newcomer “One of these days shinobi will give me a heart attack”

The shinobi seemed unfazed by her outburst “Excuse me, Taro-san”

“No harm done” She replied with a wave of the hand making the ninjas brow scrunch despite himself at the sudden mood change

“Torigawa-taicho requests your presence at the main tent”

Nagisa’s nodded reluctantly followed the medic-nin. She prided herself on the fact that she was not a shinobi, kunoichi, chunin or whatever the hell they called themselves. From childhood she’d wanted to save people, from viruses in particular, she’d wanted to wipe out all the horrible epidemics of the world via vaccination and had wholeheartedly thrown herself into achieving that. Being a shinobi, with all the killing and subterfuge that entailed, never appealed to her.

In spite of what many believed it was possible to be a doctor without chakra; it all depended on what field a person worked in. Paramedics, surgeons and physiotherapists were almost invariably medic-nin, and for good reason, but chakra was almost useless in the fields virology and immunology beyond the treating of symptoms.

and becoming a shinobi doing all the kill and subterfuge that required just didn’t fit into that in her eyes


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