The People You Meet – Marco/OC

Each footstep was a hammer fall in the dank stone passageway. The flame of her torch caused menacing shadows to dance round the uneven stonewalls and Noriko anxiously strained her ears for any sign of approach.

This was a bad idea but she didn’t have much of a choice; she couldn’t just leave a perfectly nice man to get executed, or worse, sent to Impel Down. It would dig away at her conscious, gnawing at her normally sound convictions. Trust be told Nori didn’t even know if he was really nice or just nice by comparison to the normal patrons at strip clubs… her sense of normalcy had eroded over the years.

She finally reached the cells; her gaze swept each one. Empty, empty, empty why the hell did a noble need this many cells? Empty, empty, empt- Ahah!

 There, nestled into a corner, was a shock of blond hair and a man attached to it.

“Pirate-san” She whisper-called, walking to the cell

The man showed no response; this was bad news, she doubted she could even lift him up, let alone make a daring rescue attempt!

Hurriedly she unlocked the door and crouched by his side, shaking him lightly.

“Pirate-san, wake up” She repeated with no response. Desperate, slapped him hard across the face.

“mhhpf” the pirate groggily grunted

“Pirate-san you have to wake up” She wrapped an arm round her shoulder and moved towards the door.

“Wh’re you?” He mumbled,

“A friend, kind-of, who you may not even remember” Why am I doing this again? She thought in vain

The pirate seemed to sober up, at least enough to look her in the eye and stand on his own two feet.

“Where am I?”  “A castle basement” He raised an eyebrow “Why?” “I have no clue, I’m guessing you were captured or something…”

The man, fully awake, frowned at being ‘captured’.

“The man are never gonna let me forget this” His said to himself, shaking his head in annoyance. She gaped, here he was; trapped in a castle dungeon, about to be executed and he was acted blasé.

“How can you be so calm? You act as if this happens all the time!?”

He chuckled “Try being a pirate and not seeing the inside of a cell at least on-“ He paused, studying her face intently  “wait, do I know you?”

“Not really…we met at a strip club once…” Noriko couldn’t help but look sheepish; she felt no shame in being a stripper but others were not so open-minded.



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