The Music

I prefer OPs in English despite that fact I’m normally a subs person. I can’t sing along to a foreign language and, with songs, some of the lyric’s power is lost if you have to read them. Thats not to say I don’t adore the Japanese OPs, but One Day in English would probably my favourite song of all time.

Here’s my ranking of One Piece openings.

  1. One Day – Op. 13
  2. Fight Together – Op. 14
  3. Brand New World – Op. 6
  4. Believe – Op. 2
  5. Hands Up! – Op. 16
  6. Share the World – Op. 11
  7. Kokoro No Chizu – Op. 5
  8. We Go! – Op. 15
  9. Jungle P – Op. 9
  10. Crazy Rainbow – Op. 8
  11. Hikari e – Op. 3
  12. We Are! – Op. 1
  13. Kaze Wo Sagashite – Op. 12
  14. BON VOYAGE! – Op. 4
  15. We Are! (Remix) – Op. 10
  16. We Are! (Straw Hat Pirates) – Op. 7

One Day is my favourite anime opening of all time, although it’s also one of the  most depressing. One Day and Fight Together really match the emotion of the Marineford Arc, with One Day capturing Luffy’s desperation and Fight Together was match for his grief and also Jinbe’s assurance that puffy still had his nakama.

The fact the We Are! is so far down the list might annoy some people, so I should probably justify it. Openings are supposed to inspire emotion and match the series, meaning that Brand New World and One Day can both be amazing OPs but have very different tones. I appreciate that We Are! is iconic as the first OP and also for how it sets out the premise of the series but, to me at least, it doesn’t give me that buzz of energy nor does it bring a tear to my eye.


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