Fanfic Recs

OC/Ty Lee

Title: Lake Laogai
Author: The Dai Li
Status: Complete?
Pairing(s): OC/Ty Lee
Rating: Explicit
Length: Long, at least 50,000 words ( doesn’t have word count)
A ‘What If’. When push comes to shove, this time Long Feng doesn’t break, and retains control of the Dai Li. Azula and her friends are carted off to Lake Laogai for their punishment…
This fic is utterly unique. It deals mainly with manipulation of the mind in a detailed and insidious way. At the same time, it dives into the characters of Mai, Ty Lee and Azula and explores what makes them tick. You almost feel as if you’re the one being mentally broken, by the end of Ty Lee’s storyline the idea of a lifetime of sexual slavery sounds just peachy. That said, a word of caution, this is defiantly a dark fic. Mai storyline had me distraught.


Title: Pen Pals
Author: Decidedly Odd
Status: Incomplete
Pairing(s): Zuko/Toph
Rating: Non-Explicit
Length: 19,653
The correspondence of Firelord Zuko and Her Royal Majesty, Toph Bei Fong, Queen of Omashu. Features weddings, assassinations, tea, and other silly things.
A lighthearted fix, at least compared to my other Avatar recs, The characterisation is mostly spot-on, although the way Toph writes doesn’t match the way she speaks, which is even odder when you consider that her letters are dictated.


TitleOwned by Fire
Author: Andartha
Status: Complete?
Pairing(s): Ozai/OC
Rating: Explicit
Length: 74,368
After he banishes his wife Ursa, Fire Lord Ozai takes a slave to warm his sheets. The return of the Avatar…changes things. Ozai redemption and dark romance – but it’s NOT “tru lurve” that saves the day. OFC. Warnings!
I read this sooo long ago it’s hard to remember details. For those who don’t want to read the entire thing, I’d highly recommend just the first chapter, which could make a complete oneshot on it’s own. I think it somewhat goes downhill after a strong beginning but do make up your own mind.


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