Dragon Age

Shipping in the Dragon Age Fandom

An Introduction

The real joy of Dragon Age, at least from a fandom perspective, is not the huge range of possible romance options in-game; in all likelihood Fenris/Hawke or Solas/Lavellan would be popular regardless. What makes Dragon Age great for fic is the plasticity of the main character. Mage or Warrior? Human or Elf? Noble or Refugee? And even beyond the flexibility allowed by the game options, the fandom is willing to experiment – want the Hawke family to go live in Tevinter? Okie-dokie. At same time, some character traits endure. The main character, whether they be the Herald, Hawke or the Inquisitor tends t0 competent, tough, compassionate and typically a little bad with emotions. I love that, especially in a female character. This, in addition to the myriad of conflicts and divisions in-universe, make for some really great stories.

Overall, I’d say that Dragon Age fits the general trend you tend to see with video game fandoms – not the most fics in absolute terms, but quality over quantity.