The Wedding Night (Robb/OC)

“You’re Stark raving mad!” She joked, causing Robb to wince

“That pun never gets any funnier” He was smiling nonetheless, relieved that she wasn’t the puddle of nerves he’s half been expecting. He should of known; Adain seemed to live in a dream world where the major was trivial and the minor was worth all her attention

“I thought I was being witty,” She pouted

“You’re not a witty person, at least not when you’re trying to be” An emotion welled up in Robb that he had no trouble identifying, he was fond of his new wife. Love was too big a word for it but fondness seemed to fit perfectly. He liked her quirks, her company and the odd way her pretence made the world seem like one big fantasy

“One of these days I’ll say something soooo clever, you’ll-”

Robb had taken a step forward, now she was distracted. He found that oddly reassuring; ‘distracted’ was Adain’s default state and after a while you got used to it

“I’ll what?”

“Umm…I forgot, explode maybe?” She spoke sheepishly while her eyes avoided his face.

“Lets hope not, I don’t want to be the first husband in all of Westeros to explode on his wedding night”

There was a long silence and Robb couldn’t suppress a wince. Gods above that came out wrong, he cursed himself, before looking apologetically at his new bride, sure he wasn’t the only one mortified.

“Why are you looking at me like that? What’s wrong?”

She didn’t get it

He talks about husbands exploding on their wedding night and she doesn’t get it. Even for her that’s bad, Bran would even get the innuendo for Aegon’s sake!

He couldn’t hold it in; he cracked. He laughed until his sides hurt and moisture gathered around his eyes. Adain rushed to his side, propping him up as he regained his wits

“First you look pain, then you look sorry and now you’re laughing.”


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