One Piece Favorite Ships

I have a master list under ‘My Fandoms’ but I figured I may as well do a separate and more explained one specifically for One Piece.

One Piece is one of those series, along with Bleach other Shounens,  with very few canon couples. In fact, only three come to mind; Roger/Rouge, Neptune/Otohime and Cobra/Titi(Vivi’s parents). None of these get any much screen time, not least because in all cases one or both partners are dead.

This all points to a series which is very romance-phobic. Where is it there, it’s one-sided for comic affect (Luffy/Hancock, Absalom/Lola). This makes almost every ship inherently a bit cracky and canon-unsupported.

Favorite Pairings

  • Marco/OC

I adore Marco, he’s calm, blunt and flippantly badass while being a nice guy deep down. He is also part of Whitebeard’s crew and the culture of the New World, which means any longish, non-AU fic about him has to mention these topics as well. You kinda have to pair him with an OC if you want to read a het fic, I’m not even sure if a female Whitebeard Pirate exists in canon?

  • Ace/OC

Ace needs an OC for much the same reason Marco and Law do, it’s difficult to make a canon female character fit with his plot. I also think that Ace is the kind of person for whom romantic feelings would arise gradually, and a female character like that just doesn’t exist in canon (that we know of).

  • Law/OC

Again, not a single female Heart Pirate so an OC is needed, unless you have something after Punk Hazard with Robin or Nami. Anyway, I like the idea of shipping Law because a. he’s hot and b. underneath a collected exterior he’s clearly a passionate man. His intelligence and apparent analytical thinking are awesome and I’d love to pair him with another scientist and watch them argue about aortas or whatever.

  • Ace/Vivi

Worldwide Wanted Criminal/Princess,oh the scandal! This pairing is stupidly implausible but I like it anyway. Ace would be a good Prince Consort, he’d been a relatively unflappable rock in a sea of political bullshit that Vivi will have to deal with as Queen. It’s difficult to say whether Ace is better suited to a tsudere like Nami or a calm, kind person like Vivi, it depends on whether he’d get annoyed or intrigued by constant shouting and feistiness.

  • Lucci/Robin

I’d be lying if I said part of the allure here isn’t just that it’s hot. That said, Lucci and Robin are somewhat suited in that they’re intellectual equals who probably wouldn’t mind not having a very chatty partner. Plus, they both would be able to cope with each other’s dark side (or his only side, in Lucci’s case).

The only downside is that they don’t exactly make up for each others faults. Robin’s spent enough of her life high on adrenaline and dealing with domineering men, I don’t think Lucci is the ‘breath of fresh air’ she needs. Lucci needs someone to show his the joy in activities other than killing as well as somebody that can give him a sense of empathy (that may be a lost cause if he’s a psychopath though)


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