Pretty Much Asexual – Sirius/OC

She was not a hopeless romantic; in fact, she could of confidently called herself asexual, were it not for a few unfortunate celebrity crushes growing up. However, Sirius Black couldn’t of known this, he really had no business knowing anything about her really. They ran in circles so different he may as well have been a Martian. She needed no more proof of this than the fact he was currently flirting with her

“-I’m sure Ros could though, we have an understanding. So what’d you say?  Meet me by the archway at 10 on Saturday?”

“Thank you but I don’t really do that kind of thing…” She said in a polite but firm voice, from what she knew of Sirius Black, he wasn’t going to give up

Sirius feigned puzzlement “What? You don’t


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