Fanfic Recs

The Warcraft fandom is a classic case of quality over quantity. Relatively speaking, there aren’t many WoW fics (there may be more than I’ve been able to find on forums – but the horror of trawling forums for fic means I’m only likely to read something there that has been rec’d). But in terms of decent-reading per fic posted, it is unparalleled. So here are a few of my favourites.


Title: Hell for the Company
Status: Complete
Pairing(s): None
Rating: Non-explicit
Length: 134,934
After a botched attempt at dreadsteed theft, a human warlock and her unwitting companion are trapped on the dreadlord world of Xoroth, their only hope for escape a ragtag band of fellow prisoners and a demon they can’t trust. Complete!
Getting stuck on a legion-ravaged world is every bit as horrifying as you’d imagine in this fic. You are fundamentally aware reading it that at any point the protagonists could be re-captured and, if they are lucky, given a quick death. That makes for amazing tension. Callista is also an awesome protagonist – self-serving but not completely heartless with a staggering amount of sheer will-power in an incredibly bleak situation. One of the major highlights is the relationship between her and the dreadlord Nerothos.

Nerothos is a pragmatic ally who is fairly open about using everyone to further his own ends. Even knowing this, it’s hard not to be won over by the charisma of his intelligence and wit. The scathing back-and-forth between him and Callista, which builds into a strange mutual grudging respect, is a joy to read. For Callista, he seems to be one of the only characters who isn’t the least bit bothered by her ruthlessness or chosen profession. Yet there is this underlying sense that Nerothos is a corrupting influence – he deems any display of kindness or friendship on Callista’s part as pathetic sentimentality. Partly though, you can’t help but wonder whether he is even capable of understanding some emotions in the first place. I also read shed-loads of sexual tension, but that might have just been my shipper-brain acting up. All in all. It’s brilliant.

There is a sequel called Lesser Evils but it may have been abandoned before it’s really gone anywhere.