Avoidance – Sirius/OC

“You’ve been avoiding me, haven’t you?” Sirius stared resolutely at the floor

There was a pause; should she lie or not?

“Yes, Sirius I have” Her eyes trained on the door behind his shoulder “Why?”

“It hurts to look at you, I just want to move on” Ami pleaded, glancing upwards to his face

The Black just returned her stare “Please, Ami, I miss being around you”

“Sirius you have more friends than you can count, I’m not that unique”

She took a step towards the door, he took a step with her; effectively blocking the path

“No, you’re being ridiculous can’t we go back to how things were?”

“No. We’re not talking about this. Just move out of the way and leave me alone,” Ami could’ve told him why, but the words just seemed too pathetic and Sirius already had a large enough ego. “Going back means going back to constantly enduring my feelings for you, only now it’ll be worse knowing it’s hopeless”

“I don’t want to.” He defiantly postured in the doorframe after a pause her eyes filled with tears “Why are you crying?”

“Because I hate you! You make me miserable, Sirius” He froze, she relented “I don’t want to fight, just move please” Weariness was etched into her voice, she took advantage of his shock to make her move.

With that she swept past him


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